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                                   All about advocacy - Theory

Plan of Actions for Advocacy

The plan includes the following components:
Communication policy - a relationship between a specific issue advocacy and policy, people and / or agencies in the political arena ....

Steps in the advocacy campaign

1. Human rights advocates usually start with the issues around which they want to implement a policy change. The problem should be focused, clear, and should be "felt" by the members of the human rights group ...

                                                     Guidance on planning campaigns on civic education and civil actions

Campaign - a set of organized actions aimed at specific group or groups for their notification of the problem which may be important for them to provide information about the problem, develop and propose strategies to address the problem and motivate the group (s) have to act to address this issue ...

                                                                                     AdvocacyStrategy Development :
One of the most widespread confusion in the development of the strategy is the confusion between "strategy" and "tactics." Tactics include specific actions the spread of the petitions, writing letters, protest, etc., ie something which is part of Advocacy. Strategy - is a broader concept, is a general map, which directs all of these actions towards the achievement of clear goals. Strategy - a realistic assessment of where you are! Where you are going? And how do you find yourself there? "In fact, an effective strategy based on nine key issues ...

Organization of communities -  involvment of citizens in solving problems of local communities

What is it?

  • Strengthening local communities by involving citizens in the process of defining their common problems and find solutions to these desired problem.

  • Identifying people and structures that can provide these solutions, obtaining their support through negotiation, as appropriate, using confrontation and davlenie.

  • Creation of organization that democratically controlled by people who can initiate consideration of future challenges, people, expressing the will and the power of the public, expressing the will and the power of the public which they represent ...

                                                                                       Resource Book for Advocacy: 

Since 1994, Counterpart Consortium program to support civil society and development of NGOs in the Central Asian region. 
The process of strengthening the foundations of civil society and democratic norms will not be effective unless it involved the population, that is the citizens themselves, in partnership with non-profit non-governmental organizations, local authorities and other parties interested in its continued development ...