About us

The story of creation

Organizational data of the Association of NGOs Human Rights Advocacy Center (Advocacy Center).
February 2005, in the south of Kyrgyzstan, Advocacy Center was established at the initiative of non-governmental human rights organizations, and was supported by the local office of the OSCE in the framework of the project "Development of Human Rights Advocacy Center." Members of the Advocacy Center are 24 non-governmental human rights organizations from Osh, Jalalabad and Batken regions. General meeting elected the Board of Directors of the Center that is consisting of 10 individuals, one of them appointed as director. Advocacy Center is an open voluntary based association of non-governmental human rights organizations, based on voluntary membership. Human Rights Advocacy Center is an independent legal entity operating on the basis of non-interference in internal affairs of its members, mutual respect, voluntary participation, self-management, self-financing, law obedience and the Charter.

Brief description of the main activities of the Advocacy Center.

Several keys actions that identified for the Advocacy Center are intended to consolidate efforts (networking) and to improve the capacity (trainings, internships, and information-legal initiatives for technical support) of non-governmental organizations to protect human rights and freedoms, and to promote public interest in the Kyrgyz Republic. In all areas of the Centre doing some work on various projects funded legal orientation of the OSCE and the Soros Foundation in Kyrgyzstan.

In particular:

• Providing the work of the website on human rights (www.advocacy.kg), created and maintained the NGOs database;
• Providing of access to legal information and the information in the field of advocacy for human rights defenders, lawyers and non-governmental organizations;
• Conducted three phases of training seminars on advocacy, work in coalitions, media campaigns for 55 representatives of NGOs, human rights organizations to 18-19 people in the Jalal-Abad, Osh and Batken regions;
• As the Advocacy Center’s initiative, at the annual conference in September 2006, was established a «network of rapid response to the public» (NRRP) in the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan from the number of representatives from the trained human rights organizations.
• Provide access for 30-35 low-income citizens every month to legal assistance, including legal advice, protection of rights during the preliminary investigation and in court;
• Monitoring of court proceedings, initiate judicial strategic processes in cases of public legitimacy (access to information, the torture that led to the death of a suspect);
• Monitoring of national legislation in conformity with international human rights standards, proposals on amendments to national legislation (to humanize the criminal law and criminal procedure codes, optimizing GGUP) are prepared and sent to the Ministry of Justice and the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic;
• Providing information and legal, consulting and technical support for an average of 4 - 3 non-governmental human rights organizations in a day;
• Publishing legal information bulletin "Journal of Law," according to international standards and mechanisms to protect human rights;
• Providing legal assistance in the preparation of individual complaints to the Human Rights Committee in the UN;
• Assisting for access to information on basic services through government agencies;
• Conducting mass activities for young people devoted to celebrating the International Human Rights Day and the promotion of international conventions, covenants and instruments ratified by the Kyrgyz Republic;

Advocacy Center's staff has sufficient experience in project administration of legal orientation, participated in projects for the protection of human rights in cross-sectoral co-operation with local authorities, prevention of torture, the monitoring of trials, access to information that is held by state agencies and local governments, conduct advocacy campaigns. Along with this, work on improving the knowledge in the field of international human rights standards for law enforcement officers, judges and representatives of local authorities. Advocacy Center's staff has experience in events commemorating the International Day of Human Rights, such as children's drawing competitions, radio quiz, KVN on human rights, youth actions, "We know your rights" in the cities Osh, Jalalabad and Batken involving large numbers of students and youth of southern Kyrgyzstan.

At the Advocacy Center currently employed 8 people, 3 lawyers, programmers-editor of the website, the translator, accountant and 6 lawyers in a public reception. Everyone in the key staff is qualified lawyer with higher education and adequate work experience, two of whom are licensed to engage in advocacy. Employees have felt in various training courses on human rights through educational programs, Counterpart Consortium, Freedom House, HFHR in Warsaw and others.